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Trusted and respected globally for more than 40 years, Sunoptic Surgical designs and manufactures high end, high value surgical light sources, portable and wireless headlights, high definition camera systems, xenon lamps, fiberoptic cables and components for medical and dental industries

Sunoptic Surgical is a leading medical device supplier dedicated to developing state-of-the-art surgical equipment and as an internationally recognized brand, we’re devoted to maintaining our continuous improvement and customer satisfaction centric approach. Located in the beautiful city of Jacksonville, Florida, our headquarters has its own manufacturing facility where 100% of our products are designed, tested, manufactured and shipped. We’re dedicated to providing solutions to our customer’s light delivery and illumination needs worldwide.

With more than 40 years of experience, we know what physicians need to perform at their peak. All products are designed with the comfort and performance of surgeons and physicians in mind.

All products are designed, developed and produced in the United States of America. Everything we make goes through an extensive quality assurance protocol to insure the quality of our products meets our high standards and the needs of our customers.

Headquartered in Jacksonville, Florida, all of our products are designed and manufactured at one facility to ensure cutting-edge technology and superior quality.

Our light sources are outshining the competition and illuminating surgical cases across the globe. We go beyond the basic concept of what a light source should do with ongoing research and development.

Our high quality products and competitive prices have earned us the privilege of being an approved vendor in the prestigious HealthTrust and Premier Group purchasing organizations for hospitals around the country.

Continuously investigating the newest technology and lighting developments so that we can offer the highest quality products. Our engineering team is dedicated to developing the most cost effective headlight solutions for our customers.

Are you currently a Resident in the United States?

Get exclusive pricing on our LED 4700 Battery Operated LED Surgical Headlight:

  • SSL-4700 System with choice of Headband and Single Bay Charger: $3,150.00
  • SSL-4700 System with choice of Headband and Dual Bay Charger: $3,275.00

System includes:

  • 10 watt LED Headlight with choice of a Hard Headband or Soft Headband
  • Battery Pack with two Standard Rechargeable Batteries
  • Single Bay or a Dual Bay Battery Charger Option
  • Reusable, autoclavable Joysticks for positioning light spot
  • Carrying Bag for storage

6 Months Financing Available

We understand that investing in premium equipment is a significant decision. That’s why we’re thrilled to offer you flexible financing options. Take advantage of our 6-month financing plan to make this system yours!

Request Formal Resident Pricing Here  » Limited-time offer. Proof of residency will be required. For US Residents only.


Design & Manufacture All Our Own Products MADE IN THE USA


Performing Ongoing R&D On All Products

The Sunoptic Difference

Lighting the way in the medical industry

  • Recognized as the leading provider of surgical headlights
  • Always researching new and innovative ways to deliver illumination to the surgical site
  • Prompt responsiveness to customer feedback and input
  • Delivering the world’s only 400-watt xenon headlight system for the most demanding surgical cases
  • Providing illumination solutions to surgeons worldwide, offering the brightest surgical light source available
  • ISO 13485 certified

Sunoptic Surgical is Proud to be a Contracted GPO supplier of:

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HD Camera for Surgery

HDC-300 Sunoptic Surgical HD Headlight Camera System

The Sunoptic HD Headlight & Surgical Camera System offers you an unparalleled combination of camera and light alignment, ensuring that your camera remains precisely centered on the light spot while delivering a clear image with true color representation on your viewing monitor. This innovative Sunoptic Surgical HD Headlight Camera represents a departure from traditional designs. You'll experience a lightweight, comfortable, and ergonomic headlight/camera module, featuring a groundbreaking coaxial alignment technique. This novel method of camera/light alignment guarantees that your camera remains securely fixed at the center of the light spot, providing you with a sharp image and accurate color reproduction. Moreover, the system is equipped with a built-in real-time image stabilizer, effectively mitigating the impact of your head movement. This results in a more comfortable viewing experience for both you and your audience. When these elements work in unison, they deliver unparalleled videos and still images, offering you an unrivaled perspective of the surgical site from your point of view.

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TITAN X400 Light Source

The Titan X400 Xenon Light Source produces 400 watts of the brightest, whitest homogeneous light illuminating even the deepest parts of a procedure area!

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SunOptic LX2 One of our Most Portable Surgical Headlights

Sunoptic LX2 Battery Operated LED Headlight

The Gold Standard in LED Surgical Headlights

Sunoptic’s in-house R&D engineering team meet global challenges by designing superior, quality controlled, and innovative LED Technology in our headlight products to deliver the best light to the surgical site. Surgeons depend on our high-quality, high-end products for precision, flexibility, and ease of use.

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We’re dedicated to providing our surgeons and physicians with the industry’s brightest light sources paired with lightweight, premium surgical headlights. All our products are made in the USA, and at our Jacksonville Headquarters, we continually test and enhance our products to allow our doctors access to some of the brightest and light weight equipment on the market. Try them for yourself today and see what a difference state-of-the-art surgical products can really make in your operating room.

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