SSL-5500 Wireless LED Headlight

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Sunoptic Surgical’s Wireless LED Headlight, the SSL 5500, with RCS Headband allows surgeons a bright, white light and homogeneous spot without ever being tethered to a light source or remote battery pack.

Sunoptic Surgical’s rechargeable SSL-5500 Wireless LED Headlight offers the ability to be untethered from a light source or remote battery pack, while providing bright, white light with a homogeneous spot. The lightweight RCS headband provides superior comfort and stability where a wireless headlight is preferred.



  • No external wires or batteries
  • 30,000 lux output at 16”/ 40cm distance with a bright, clean, uniform spot
  • 20-110mm spot variability at 16”/ 40cm working distance
  • Infinitely variable output switch on side of headband allows surgeon to set different light outputs, which translates into longer battery life
  • 4 hour battery life for fully charged battery at maximum output
  • Battery life doubles when used at 50% output (power)
  • New headband design distributes weight for maximum comfort
  • Accessible battery on the headband is quick and easy to change
  • Low-battery indicator clearly visible on side of headband
  • 4-5 hour recharge time
  • Color temperature is 4,500° K
  • Color Rendering Index (CRI) 75
  • Classification: FDA Class 1 Device


  • Variable Module Spot 20mm-110mm @16”/ 40cm
  • Side mounted variable intensity control: 0-30,000 Lux at 16”/ 40cm working distance
  • Rear Cranial Support Headband for added comfort
  • Headband with battery weight 15oz/ 437grams
  • Battery weight 3.7 oz/ 106g
  • Battery life 4 hours at full intensity and doubles at half output (power)
  • Battery Recharge Time – 4-5 hrs
  • Color Temperature 4,500K typ.
  • Color Rendition Index (CRI): 75
  • Typical LED life: >50,000 hours
  • Warranty Two (2) years on LED Headlight and one (1) year on Batteries
  • Classification: FDA Class 1 Device Listing D125713

System Includes

  • 1 LED headlight with Rear Cranial Support “RCS” headband
  • Side mounted battery holster and attenuator
  • 2 Rechargeable batteries
  • 1 single bay charger
  • 1 padded carrying bag with shoulder strap
  • Re-useable (autoclavable)  Joysticks for positioning module

Ordering Information

  • SSL-5500-KIT LED headlight system includes charger and two batteries. Kit includes domestic and international adaptors.
  • SSL-1821J Replacement Sunoptic Battery for 5500
  • SSL-8121J-C LED 5500 battery charger
  • SL-0026B Black Module Hinge Extension
  • SSL-5500-B-KIT- LED Headlight system includes BLUE headband with charger, two batteries and carrying bag. Kit also includes domestic and international adaptors for the


  • Dental
  • General Surgery
  • Maxillo Facial
  • Plastic Surgery
  • Ambulatory Surgery
  • Surgery Center