SSL-9500 Portable LED Headlight

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The Sunoptic SSL-9500 Portable LED Surgical Headlight allows surgeons to be untethered with a lightweight, supportive headband, a battery-operated clip holster and bright, white light.


Maximize your mobility in the OR when you use the SSL-9500 LED Headlight System. This portable, lightweight device generates 70,000 lux of white light in a crisp, clean and uniform spot. No longer will you be distracted by unsightly brown, yellow or blue halos or hot centers and dark edges. Experience all the comforts of a traditional surgical headlight but with greater mobility around the surgical table.



  • 10w LED offers the BRIGHTEST Illumination available
  • Light Intensity: 70,000 Lux @ 16″
  • Module with variable spot size: 20mm-110mm @ 16″
  • Lightweight battery and clip on holster provide 2 hr 30 min of continuous light at maximum intensity
  • Battery life doubles at 50% output (power)
  • The “RCS” headband is Lightweight and Comfortable
  • Audible warning when battery charge is low


  • 10w LED Producing Bright,White Light
  • Color temperature: 4,500°K
  • Typical LED life: >50,000 hours
  • Lightweight Headband with Rear Cranial Support for added comfort
  • Variable Module Spot 20mm-110mm @ 16″ / 40cm
  • Variable Intensity Control: 0 – 70,000 Lux at 16”/ 40cm working distance
  • Headband with LED Module Weight – 9 oz/ 255 grams
  • Battery and Holster Weight – 12 oz/ 340 grams
  • Battery Life – 2 hrs 30 min @ Full Intensity, 5 hrs at 50% power
  • Battery Charger Accepts 100-240V AC, 50/60 Hz input for worldwide operation
  • Battery Recharge Time – 3.5 hrs
  • Warranty Three (3) Years on LED Headlight and One (1) Year on Battery


  • European Class I, Active device per Annex IX, rule 1
  • FDA Class I, Device Listing 125713
  • Complies with Essential Requirements Matrix of MDD 93/42/EEC, amended by 2007/47/CE

System Includes

  • LED Headlight with RCS Headband
  • Battery Pack with 2 Rechargeable Batteries
  • Single or Dual Bay Charger
  • Padded Carrying Bag
  • Joystick for positioning Module


  • SSL-9500 LED Headlight System, Battery Powered, RCS headband
  • SSL-9500-DB LED Headlight System with dual bay charger
  • SSL-9500-SBDB LED Headlight System with dual bay charger and Sport Band
  • SSL-9500-SB LED Headlight System with Sport Band
  • SSL-9500-MOD Upgrade module for converting LED9000/9000-II to 9500
  • SSL-9500-KIT Upgrade kit/module for converting LED 8000, LED 8500 or LED 8500-II into a 9500 system
  • SSL-9500-B-K – LED Headlight System with BLUE RCS headband, two batteries, single bay charger and carrying bag


  • SSL-3736 Replacement single bay battery charger
  • SSL-3736-2 Dual bay charger accessory
  • SSL-2054BE Replacement encrypted battery for LED 9500