Biomedical Engineers

BioMed engineers respect Sunoptic experts for a deep knowledge of surgical illumination, LED headlights for surgery, Xenon surgical headlamps, readily available replacement parts, and service

Sunoptic Surgical provides a wide variety of replacement parts and components for all your light source and headlight needs. This includes xenon lamps and lamp modules, replacement headlight cables, endoscopic cables, batteries and more. Our proven history and expertise in the market allows us to provide a diverse selection of replacement parts and service kits needed to ensure a long product life. Sunoptic strives not only to be a resource to surgeons and hospitals by providing the latest in surgical illumination, but also to their BioMed departments by making replacement lamps, cables, and other common components readily available for order.

Let us be your experts and purchase with confidence from a manufacturer with deep knowledge of almost every light source available in the market. If you haven’t been able to find it, chances are we can! This includes some parts for systems that the manufacturer no longer provides!

Biomedical Engineers: Check out the new features of our Titan X450 and Titan X350 xenon light sources!

  • Intake air filter to keep the inside of the light source free from debris
  • 1,000-hour lamp warranty with "change lamp" signal
  • Dual fans for superior cooling and long service life
  • Touch screen controls
  • Internal self-diagnosis for conditions such as "open door," "change lamp," and "lamp not engaged"
  • Automatic shutter that blocks light when cable is removed

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