Sunoptic LX2 Battery Operated LED Headlight

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Experience Excellence: Our Premier Portable LED Surgical Headlight System, Offering Brilliant White Illumination, Long Battery Life, and Customizable Comfort with Various Headband Options. Embrace Unrestricted Mobility with Its Cordless, Battery-Operated, and Lightweight Design.

The Sunoptic LX2 is the latest generation of high-end battery-operated LED headlights.  This portable system features an efficient modern light module design made from robust aluminum, providing optimum durability during transport and handling. More power-efficient batteries are included with a lower voltage that lead to a continuous 3 hour, 15 minutes run time at full output. When paired with our new optional extended life batteries, the run time at full output is doubled to 6 hours, 30 minutes total! The latest Sunoptic LX2 battery-operated LED headlight provides unmatched light output and spot quality while allowing the user free mobility in the operating room.


Features & Benefits:

80,000 Lux (at a 40 cm/ 16 inch Standard Working Distance)

Color Temperature 5700° Kelvin

  • Defined, uniform white light throughout
  • Homogeneous, truer tissue color
  • Deeper range of light for complicated surgical procedures
  • No annoying yellow/brown or blue outer edge of unusable light

More Efficient, Longer-Life Battery Options

  • Higher powered batteries for longer provedures
  • New 3 hour run time at Full intensity (6 hours at 50% Intensity) with the Standard Battery (14.4 volt Lithium-ion)
  • New 6 hour run time at Full intensity (12 hours at 50% Intensity) with the optional Extended Life Large Battery (14.4 volt Lithium-ion)
  • Heavy-duty Holster with TRUE attenuation of light levels (no preset knobs)
  • Easily attached Holster with Metal Clip
  • Audible warning to alert when the battery is low on power

Lighter, Robust Aluminum Module

  • Large, variable spot size ranging from 20mm-110mm
  • More efficient with a modern, feather-weight aluminum design
  • More robust for increased durability for transport and handling

Whisper-quiet, Feather-light, and cooler Fan

  • Ensure cool operation with minimal light spot vibration

Easy Connect/Disconnect Cable

  • Inline Connection for quick, easy connect/disconnect

Lighter RCS headband

  • Our Patented Rear Cranial Support (RCS)
  • Durable, adjustable and lighter
  • Dual adjustable knobs on the top and back for maximum comfort
  • Replaceable Comfort Liner padding inside headband

Extended Linkage

  • Ensures compatibility with most loupes


System Includes:

  • Portable LED Headlight featuring Sunoptic Surgical’s Patented RCS Headband
  • Premium Aluminum Spot Module with Enhanced Design
  • Robust Battery Holster with Convenient Clip
  • Battery Pack including (2) Standard Rechargeable Batteries
  • Upgrade Option for Extended Long-Life Battery
  • Dual Bay Charger for Efficient Charging
  • Padded Carrying Case for Secure Storage and Transportation
  • Reusable (Autoclavable) Joysticks and Extra Replacement Comfort Liners Included for Added Convenience”

Part Numbers:

  • SSL-LX2 LED Headlight System, Battery Powered, RCS headband
  • SSL-LX2-SB LED Headlight System with Sport Band


  • European Class I, Active device per Annex IX, rule 1
  • FDA Class I, Device Listing 125713
  • Complies with Essential Requirements Matrix of MDD 93/42/EEC, amended by 2007/47/CE

Elevate Your Surgical Experience: Enhance Your LX2 Headlight with Our NEW HD Camera Upgrade!

Illuminate the Vision.  Capture the Precision.  Display in HD Excellence.

Show what you see as the SSL-LHD-30 seamlessly integrates into the operating room, providing the entire
surgical team with an unparalleled perspective. With a commitment to preserving mobility, quality of video,
and light output, this cutting-edge wireless camera ensures that every intricate detail of surgical
procedures is captured with precision. Redefine your surgical precision and clarity with the Sunoptic HD
Wireless Headlight Camera.

  • Real-time, Unobstructed Surgeon Point-of-View
  • Well Balanced, Light Weight, Low Profile Design
  • 1080P; True HD Image
  • 20 Hours of Recording Time

Schedule your no-obligation evaluation to experience the optimum untethered freedom and brighter, lighter, and quieter operation of the new Sunoptic LX2.  Contact Us Today to see what a difference a Sunoptic LED Headlight Camera System can make for you and your team!