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Find Your Medical Examination Lights & Lamps- LED & Fiberoptic

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Find Out Why Sunoptic Surgical Headlights are the Most Trusted Surgical Headlight by Hospitals

We offer the best and brightest surgical headlights & medical grade lighting products on the market:

  • LED examination lights
  • Medical examination lamps
  • Sunoptic Surgical Headlights are brightest surgical lighting available
  • Xenon, LED, battery-operated, Xenon lamps, fiberoptic cables, video cameras, documentation & recording devices
  • Best battery-powered surgical headlights available
  • Also offer stabilized HD video camera with built-in light
  • Trusted by hospitals and medical practices across the country for surgical headlights and battery-powered surgical headlights

Equipment designed to provide medical lighting for a variety of medical professions & specialties, including:

Cardiac, spine, neurosurgery, endoscopic, ORL, general surgery, maxillofacial, oncology, pediatrics, plastics, transplant, dental.

Sunoptic Technologies:
American Designed, Made, & Tested Quality Surgical Headlights

Great Company with Great Products!

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About Sunoptic Technologies

Founded in 2001, Sunoptic Technologies evolved from the strategic pivot of CUDA Products to focus solely on delivering top-tier surgical and medical lighting, along with cutting-edge surgical cameras and video solutions.

Today, we proudly stand as a world-leading supplier of surgical lighting, setting new industry standards for quality and reliability. Our unwavering commitment to excellence illuminates the path to better healthcare outcomes.

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