Best & Brightest Surgical Headlight & Camera for Cardiac Surgery

August 27, 2021 - Blog Writer

If you’re looking for the highest quality, best & brightest LED Surgical Headlight for cardiothoracic surgeons, you’ve come to the right place. We offer some of the best surgical headlights made right here in the U.S.A.

Trusted and respected globally, Sunoptic Surgical designs and manufactures surgical light sources, headlights, replacement parts and components for medical, surgical, and dental industries.

Best Fiber Optic Surgical Headlight

Sunoptic Surgical is a leading LED Surgical Headlight manufacturer dedicated to developing some of the best surgical headlamps available anywhere for more than four decades. As an internationally recognized brand, we’re devoted to maintaining our continuous improvement and customer satisfaction centric approach. Located in the beautiful city of Jacksonville, Florida, our headquarters has its own manufacturing facility where 100% of our products are designed, tested, manufactured and shipped. We’re dedicated to providing solutions to our customer’s light delivery and illumination needs worldwide.

The Sunoptic Difference

Lighting the way in the medical industry

  • Recognized as the leading provider of surgical headlights
  • Always researching new and innovative ways to deliver illumination to the surgical site
  • Prompt responsiveness to customer feedback and input
  • Delivering the world’s only 400-watt xenon headlight system for the most demanding surgical cases
  • Providing illumination solutions to surgeons worldwide
  • ISO 13485 certified

The Gold Standard in Headlight & Camera System for Cardiac Surgery: The HDC–300 HD!

Our world-class engineers have developed a groundbreaking tool needed by every surgical team: a truly coaxial surgical headlight camera featuring a combined camera/light module patented design.

With the surgeon’s point-of-view onscreen, teams collaborate easier and ensure procedure success. Surgical footage can seamlessly be shared with colleagues, at conferences and symposiums, and for surgical training and education. Meet the HDC-300 Headlamp Video System

HDC-300 surgical camera E-Image
The HDC-300: The Gold Standard of LED Surgical Headlamps for Heart Surgeons

Call for a trial with Sunoptic Surgical’s TITAN X450 with 400 watts of bright white light, making it the only light source on the market with this amount of light in the surgical suite

Cardiac Surgeon Light Source
TITAN X450 Surgical Light Source for Heart Surgeons

The TITAN’s 400 watts of bright white light is the only lightsource on the market that delivers this amount of light to the surgical site.


  • New Ceramic body elliptical lamp
  • New Touch Screen Controls
  • 1,000-hour lamp
  • Dual Fan Cooling System
  • External Air Filter
  • Automatic Shutter
  • Standby Mode
  • New Mechanical Lamp Alignment
  • Consistent High Lux Output
  • Internal Self Diagnosis

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