The Best Surgical Headlight Camera With Video

June 23, 2022 - Blog Writer

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Surgeons rely on high-quality, high-end, state-of-the-art products for precision, flexibility, and ease of use. The Sunoptic LX2+ Wireless HD Headlight Camera is a groundbreaking tool, with a combined camera/light module patented design. Our world-class engineers, at Sunoptic Surgical, have harnessed the best solutions, combining cutting-edge technology and science, to create the very best experience in light and imaging for surgeons and OR teams.

The Sunoptic LX2+ Wireless HD Headlight Camera produces exceptionally high-quality videos and still images. This Headlight Camera system is unparalleled in quality, ease of use when presenting a surgeon’s point-of-view of the surgical site.  

The Sunoptic LX2+ Wireless HD Headlight Camera is a revolutionary system that has altered the way surgical teams collaborate. A one of a kind solution making collaboration simpler and more high quality than ever. Share HD surgical footage seamlessly with colleagues, at conferences, symposiums, and for surgical training and education, without compromising mobility, light output, or quality. 

  • Form-fitting Adjustable Headband
  • Patented Rear Cranial Support for Maximum Comfort 
  • Easy-access knob for TRUE attenuation of light 
  • Battery Holster w/ Metal Clip
  • Remote Programming Fob
  • Whisper-quiet fan 
  • Variable Spot LED Light 
  • Camera Receiver 
  • Right-Angle USB-C Cable 
  • High-Def 12mm Camera Lens 
  • 16mm and 25mm lenses available for different fields of view
  • Thumbscrew Mounting Bracket
  • Captures crisp, high-definition images 1080P @30FPS

The Sunoptic LX2+ can be used for a wide range of applications. With this revolutionary camera system, you can improve patient records, refine techniques, document revisions, and you will find it incredibly useful for teaching purposes.

The camera is removable, with the option of using only the headlight. A thumbscrew mount allows the camera to be removed for cleaning, to be used on other Sunoptic headlights, or when only the headlight is being used. The robust aluminum module is durable.  With its variable 20mm to 110mm spot you can count on 70,000 Lux (measured at 16 in/40 cm working distance) with defined uniform crisp white light throughout the variable spot size.

With the Sunoptic LX2+ Wireless HD Headlight camera you eliminate any additional cables. You’ll have superior mobility, allowing you to move around your patient with more ease, thanks to the wireless transmission.  Easy capture of both Videos and still images is available, using a remote programming fob or the corresponding buttons on the recording unit/battery pack. Easily and quickly export all of your recordings and still images to your PC from the internal 128G SD card.

At Sunoptic Surgical we’ve been dedicated to developing state-of-the-art surgical equipment for more than four decades. Our commitment to excellence and constant innovation has made us an internationally recognized brand and a leading medical device supplier.  We specialize in high-end high-value surgical light sources, headlights, camera systems, lamps, replacement parts, and components for both the medical and dental industries.

100% of our products are designed, tested, manufactured, and shipped from our headquarters in Jacksonville, Florida. We’re dedicated to providing solutions, to our customer’s light delivery and illumination needs, worldwide. Come and see for yourself how this revolutionary system can make a difference and be of value for your entire surgical team.  Call us to schedule a no-charge, no-obligation trial.