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Discover Why So Many Hospitals & Surgeons Turn To Sunoptic When Buying Surgical Headlights!

Made in the US, we offer the best and brightest surgical headlights & medical grade lighting products on the market:

  • LED examination lights
  • Medical examination lamps
  • Sunoptic Surgical Headlights are brightest surgical lighting available
  • Xenon, LED, battery-operated, Xenon lamps, fiberoptic cables, video cameras, documentation & recording devices
  • Best battery-powered surgical headlights available
  • Also offer stabilized HD video camera with built-in light
  • Trusted by hospitals and medical practices across the country for surgical headlights and battery-powered surgical headlights

Equipment designed to provide medical lighting for a variety of medical professions & specialties, including:

Cardiac, spine, neurosurgery, endoscopic, ORL, general surgery, maxillofacial, oncology, pediatrics, plastics, transplant, dental.

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About Sunoptic Technologies

Sunoptic Technologies started in 2001 when the resources of CUDA Products was redirected to specialize exclusively in providing top-quality, reliable, surgical lighting, medical lighting, surgical cameras and video for surgical teams in a variety of different healthcare settings.

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Xeon Surgical Headlights for Sale in Chicago, IL

Titan X400 Xeon Surgical Headlight Light Source
Titan X400 Xeon Surgical Headlight Light Source for Sale

Buy the Titan X400 Xeon Surgical Headlight Source

Introducing the revolutionary Sunoptic X400, a powerful 400 watt xenon surgical headlamp that gives surgeons an indomitable edge in the operating room! With an incredible color temperature of 5,600° K and a lux of 325,000 when used with a 16”/40cm distance fiberoptic headlight, tissue colour and texture is accurately and powerfully rendered even in the deepest surgical sites. Perfect for Cardio-Thoracic, Oncology, Transplant and Minimally Invasive Procedure work, the X400 has an ellipsoidal lamp design paired with robust performance that provides long lasting and high powered illumination. With it’s intuitive user interface and adjustable sliding bar allowing infinite light adjustment, the X400 is the perfect “plug-and-play” lighting system for surgeons who not only demand, but expect, the highest degree of illumination. Take your surgical work to the next level and try the Sunoptic X400 with a free demo – experience the cutting edge in medical technology for yourself and see the difference it can make.

Titan X300 Surgical Headlight Light Source
Titan X300 Xeon Surgical Headlight Light Source for Sale

Get the Titan X300 Xeon Surgical Headlight Source

With the TITAN X300 Light Source, you can ensure superior surgical illumination that creates a better experience for your patients and less strain for your practice. Outshine your competition with 300 watts of brilliant white light and whisper-quiet operation. This light source will provide you with the perfect balance of power and precision, not to mention its sleek and stylish design. Try the TITAN X300 today and revolutionize your practice! If you’re in Chicago, give us a call to get started and harness the power of superior illumination.

Pro300 Surgical Headlight Source
Pro300 Xeon Surgical Headlight Source for Sale

Buy the Pro 300 Xeon Surgical Headlight Source

Surgeons: take your surgical outcomes to the next level with the PRO300 Xenon Light Source from Sunoptic Surgical! The groundbreaking technological advancements of this light source ensure efficient and reliable illumination throughout the surgical process. With a CRI of 97+, you’ll get a uniform white light that offers true tissue color representation, even in dark cavities of the body. The enhanced optical train ensures maximum light delivery via the fiberoptic cable. Plus, with its powerful and durable lamp design, the PRO300 is a long-term reliable partner, lasting up to 1,000 hours! Upgrade your operating room today and take advantage of improved outcomes, greater reliability, and a lower overall cost of ownership with the PRO300 Xenon Light Source from Sunoptic Surgical!

Why Purchase a Xeon Surgical Headlight from Sunoptic Surgical?

Surgeons: Make your operations more efficient and achieve the best possible outcomes for your patients with our Xeon Surgical Headlight! Our luminaire ensures maximum visibility with an illuminated surgical site.

Quality is our top priority, and our engineers, product developers and test teams have set the industry standard for excellence. You can trust us for the highest quality systems and replacement parts that keep you on the cutting-edge. Our reputation speaks for itself – get the Xeon Surgical Headlight today!

LED Surgical Headlights For Sale in Chicago, IL

LX2 Surgical Headlight
LX2 Portable Surgical Headlight for Sale

Buy the LX2 Portable LED Surgical Headlight System

Give your surgical operations the ideal lighting with the Sunoptic LX2 Portable LED Surgical Headlight System. Experience the capability and mobility this highly advanced and durable light module provides. Boasting an energy-efficient battery which guarantees a 6 and a half hour run time at full output, you will be able to focus on your work uninhibited and with precise accuracy. Enjoy a full range of unrestricted movement with this cordless headlight solution, and get to your desired outcome without being tethered. Make your surgical operations easier and more accurate with the Sunoptic LX2 for your business today!

Surgeon wearing LED 9500 Battery Operated Portable Surgical Headlight with Blue Headband
9500 Battery Operated, Portable Surgical Headlight for Sale

But the SSL-9500 Portable LED Surgical Headlight 

For the highest precision and accuracy, you need the Sunoptic SSL-9500 Portable LED Surgical Headlight System. This revolutionary headlight generates 70,000 lux of crisp and clean white light and eliminates the need for distracting halos or hot centers and dark edges. With a lightweight headband and battery-operated clip holster, you can move around the OR with complete confidence and feel comfortable while doing so. Make sure your surgical procedures are performed to exacting accuracy by choosing the Sunoptic SSL-9500 LED Headlight System. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to maximize your precision and ensure superior performance in the operating room. Purchase the SSL-9500 today and get the performance, accuracy and stability you need.

SSL-5500 wireless surgical headlight
SSL-5500 Wireless Surgical Headlight for Sale

Buy the SSL 5500 Wireless LED Surgical Headlight 

Improve your surgical precision and performance with Sunoptic Surgical’s SSL-5500 Wireless LED Headlight. This advanced technology is designed with a comfortable and secure fit for the surgeon, allowing maximum freedom of movement in the operating room. The SSL-5500 provides a bright, homogeneous white light spot that is free from cords and outside interference. Effortlessly increase your accuracy and results in the OR with this top-tier lighting solution!

Why But our LED Surgical Headlight Systems if You Live in Chicago?

Joseph Cuda opened the doors of CUDA Products®, LLC in 1978, little knowing that within two decades the ambitious venture would become today’s leading name in the medical industry: Sunoptic Technologies®. Cuda seized on fiberoptic technology to produce unique items, including medical products. By 1999, the successful enterprise had attracted the attention of entrepreneur Chris Black, who acquired Cuda Products.

Thanks to strategic investments in professional management staff, advanced manufacturing processes, and a strengthened engineering focus – coupled with ISO certification – the company began a transformation and rebranding effort to become Sunoptic Technologies®. Since 2001, our medical headlight systems have consistently exceeded industry standards, positioning Sunoptic as a preeminent provider of superior products and services, trusted by surgeons everywhere.

But a Fiberoptic Surgical Headlights in Chicago

Titan RCS Surgical Headlight for Sale
Titan RCS Surgical Headlight for Sale for Xeon Lights

The Titan RCS Surgical Headlight for Xeon Lights

As a surgeon, you know stability and convenience are integral to your performance in the operating room. Sunoptic Surgical’s TITAN RCS Headlight is designed with these needs in mind. Its advanced Rear Cranial Support design ensures superior stability, while the light but resilient material ensures maximum comfort and minimizes fatigue during long procedures. The homogeneous spot module and premium fused fiberoptic cables, both medical grade, complete the system for unrivaled performance and dependability. Upgrade to our TITAN RCS Headlight today and experience the superior satisfaction and confidence that comes with it! Schedule your free demo now to see the powerful results firsthand.

TITAN RCS LED Surgical Headlight for Sale
TITAN RCS LED Surgical Headlight for Sale

Buy the Titan RCS Surgical Headlight for LED Lights

As a surgeon, making sure you have the support and precision you need during complex procedures is essential. Look no further than Sunoptic Surgical’s TITAN RCS LED Surgical Headlight for the utmost comfort and precision. Featuring a rear cranial support design that provides superior stability and a lightweight yet flexible material, this headlight system is designed to reduce fatigue. With a premium fused fiberoptic cable creating a homogeneous spot module and LED fiberoptic headlight cables guaranteed for reliability, you can rest assured that reach procedure is going to be a success. Look no further than our TITAN RCS LED Surgical Headlight to get the superior comfort and precision you need to perform surgeries with confidence!

Titan Sport Ultra Grip Surgical Headlight for Sale
Titan UltraGrip Sport Surgical Headlight for Sale

The UltraGrip SPORT Surgical Headlight System

Our UltraGrip SPORT Surgical Headlight System was designed with the surgeon in mind. Take advantage of the adjustable headband with precision pneumatic control system, offering maximum customization and adjustable comfort that meets the various needs of surgeons. Our sleek and lightweight design is made of durable materials, providing lasting performance from the system. Take advantage of our dual color technology that provides a wide field of illumination and confidence to perform your procedures efficiently. With our patented cooling system, you’ll never miss a beat achieving an uninterrupted and cooler light throughout the surgery. With UltraGrip SPORT, you’ve got a partner in the OR who will never let you down!

Where To Find the Best & Brightest Surgical Headlights for Sale in Chicago?

For surgeons looking for the best, brightest, and most reliable surgical headlights, Sunoptic Surgical is the place to turn. Our selection of headlights feature cutting-edge design, one-of-a-kind color and temperature consistency, and unmatched durability. We guarantee that you’ll get the highest quality surgical headlights, backed by our superior warranties and customer service. Plus, when you purchase from us, you get unbeatable prices and quick turnaround on your order – what more could you want! Take the next step in procuring top-notch surgical tools for your practice and shop with Sunoptic Surgical today!

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