The Best & Brightest ORL, ENT Surgical Hand Lights, Headlights, & Camera Systems for Surgery

May 25, 2022 - Blog Writer

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If you’re looking for the best and brightest surgical hand light, head light, & camera system for ORL or ENT surgery, SunOptic has what you’re looking for:

HandLite Illuminated Retractor System for Ear Nose Throat Surgery, Otorhinolaryngology

Brilliant Light.  Enhanced Ergonomics.  Optimal Outcomes.  

Our new HandLite illuminated retractor system utilizing patented TracLux® Technology is designed to enhance illumination at difficult to access surgical sites, like ENT Surgery.  With an assortment of interchangeable stainless steel retractor blades, this versatile system is easy to use and provides the operating team unparalleled brightness at the surgical site!

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HandLite Illuminated Retractor System for Ear Nose Throat Surgery, Otorhinolaryngology

LX2 HD Wireless Headlight Camera System for ENT & ORL Surgeons

LX2 HD Wireless Headlight Camera System for ENT & ORL Surgeons

Light it. Show it. Record it.

The Sunoptic LX2+illuminates your procedure more than ever before while also capturing a clear, accurate view for the whole team.

With this convertible system, the camera can be easily removed for headlight-only needs, cleaning purposes, and for use on other Sunoptic Surgical headlights.  The high-quality camera provides the entire operating room team with a crisp, clear image of the surgical site and can be used for a wide range of applications, including improving patient records, refining techniques, documenting revisions, and teaching purposes.

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ENT / ORL Surgical Light: Sunoptic’s compact LED2000 surgical light for the high-efficiency optics, brilliant daylight quality light and a 50,000 hour-LED life

LED2000 Light Source

The LED2000 Light Source is an efficient source of brilliant “daylight” quality light, having a color temperature of 6500k and a typical LED life of 50,000 hours. The LED2000 was engineered to be light weight and compact in size but powerful in quality light output utilizing a new, high efficiency optics design.

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We offer a commitment-free trial to use Sunoptic Surgical’s LED3000 surgeon headlight featuring 30,000 hours of efficient LED lighting for Endoscopic, ENT / ORL Surgeons

LED3000 Light Source

The LED3000 Light Source is designed to provide exceptional light for endoscopic procedures. The lumen output is comparable to many Xenon light sources currently being used in endoscopy.

The expected LED life of 30,000 hours eliminates the need to purchase replacement lamps thus saving money in operational cost.

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LED 4500 Medical Light Source For ORL / ENT Surgeons: The Economy of LED built with the Power of Xenon

Sunoptic LED 4500 Medical Light Source

The Sunoptic LED 4500 is the latest state-of-the-art LED light source produced by Sunoptic Surgical and is a further improvement on our unique LED engine design. When used with a fiberoptic headlight, the LED 4500 produces a uniform light spot with no distracting halo or shadows. With no lamps to replace and an expected life of 50,000 hours, the LED 4500 is a long-lasting, cost-efficient alternative to traditional xenon light sources.

The New LED 4500’s compact size, quiet operation and ease of use make it ideal for working as an independent system or using it as a replacement for older light sources found on endoscopy towers.

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SSL-9500 Portable LED Headlight for ENT Surgeons

The Sunoptic SSL-9500 Portable LED Surgical Headlight allows surgeons to be untethered with a lightweight, supportive headband, a battery-operated clip holster and bright, white light.

Maximize your mobility in the OR when you use the SSL-9500 LED Headlight System. This portable, lightweight device generates 70,000 lux of white light in a crisp, clean and uniform spot. No longer will you be distracted by unsightly brown, yellow or blue halos or hot centers and dark edges. Experience all the comforts of a traditional surgical headlight but with greater mobility around the surgical table.

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The Sunoptic LX2: High-End Battery-Operated LED headlights for ORL / ENT Surgery

The Sunoptic LX2 is the latest generation of high-end battery-operated LED headlights.  This portable system features an efficient modern light module design made from robust aluminum, providing optimum durability during transport and handling.

More power efficient batteries included with a lower voltage that lead to a continuous 3 hour run time at full output. When paired with our new extended life batteries, the run time at full output is doubled to 6 hours total!

The new Sunoptic LX2 battery operated LED headlight provides unmatched light output and spot quality while allowing the user free mobility in the Operating Room.

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