Surgical Camera & Headlight System: Sunoptic HDC-300 HD

April 14, 2021 - Blog Writer

At Sunoptic Technologies® we design, manufacture and supply high-quality, medical light sources, state-of-the-art HD video cameras, recording devices, replacement parts, and components for medical and dental industries, at competitive prices. Our world-class engineers, product developers, and team research, design, test, and manufacture all of our products at our headquarters in Jacksonville, Florida.

What Sets Sunoptic Technologies® Apart From The Competition

With four decades of proven experience and commitment to excellence, we have remained loyal to our clients and our mission. We are constantly pushing the boundaries with innovative solutions designed with the comfort and performance of surgeons and physicians in mind. 

Our headquarters are located in the lovely city of Jacksonville, Florida, where 100% of our products are designed, tested, manufactured, and shipped globally to meet our clients’ needs. 

We have developed a groundbreaking tool that can benefit any surgical team. A coaxial surgical headlight camera that combines a camera/light module patented design. The Sunoptic HDC-300 HD Headlight Surgical Camera System.

Sunoptic HDC-300 HD Headlight Surgical Camera System

The Sunoptic HDV-300 HD Headlight Surgical Camera System is a game-changer. A one of a kind solution. Surgical teams can finally collaborate easier than ever. Share surgical footage seamlessly with colleagues, at conferences, symposiums, and for surgical training and education. 

Sunoptic HDC-300 HD Headlight Surgical Camera System Features:

  • Surgeon’s point of view of the surgical site
  • Real-time Image Stabilizer – reduces the “shakes” and bouncy video image
  • True coaxial alignment of light and camera 
  • 1080p true HD picture (60fps) uncompressed video 
  • Color enhancement – sharp vivid HD Video
  • Paired with a TX450 xenon light source providing bright, white light that is 3x brighter than LED – better for MIS procedures and deep cavity procedures (thoracic)
  • Dual recording to the hard drive and USB flash stick 
  • Auto adjustment – camera adjusts to lighting setup in any OR for best picture
  • Dual HDMI and DVI outports 
  • Capture video and stills 
  • Deep depth of field – 16 in/ 40cm
  • Export images via USB, network – ease in file management and transfer
  • Pair with existing recording systems – allows for use with any system

We’ve been recognized as the leading provider of surgical headlights, and our high-quality products and competitive prices have earned us the privilege of being an approved vendor in the prestigious HealthTrust and Premier Group purchasing organizations for hospitals around the country.

We’ve brought the same quality and dedication to our Sunoptic HDC-300 HD Headlight Surgical Camera System. With the surgeon’s point-of-view onscreen, surgical teams can finally collaborate easier and seamlessly.  See for yourself the difference this revolutionary one-of-a-kind system can make for your entire surgical team today.  Call us to schedule a no-charge, no-obligation trial.